Toys from the future

I guess while starting this out, I should have some sort of a mission statement.  Something to let people know what to expect.  Well, here it goes.

While we may not have the flying cars or jetpacks we were promised, and we are not living on the moon yet, I believe we are living in the future.  When I can tele-conference with 6 other people in 5 other states, while I am sitting in the parking lot at Disney World, then I feel that the future is officially here.  There are so many amazing gadgets and toys that make life easier or more interesting.  Not everything needs to be electronics and have flashy lights.  Some thing might not be physical at all, but a program, or an app, or something wondrous the internet can do.  It all comes together to remind us that compared to where we were 50 years ago, we might not be living on the moon or going to work in our flying car, but you know what?  I’ll take what we do have.

So stop on by, and I will post my thoughts, comments, and reviews of things I feel make me happy to be living in the future.